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Automatic Hydraulic Aluminium Cutting Machine

Automatic Hydraulic Aluminium Cutting Machine


HS-MC-360CNC Automatic Hydraulic Feeding,Automatic Hydraulic Clamping and Automatic Hydraulic Cutting

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-- Automatic Servo Motor Feeding,Automatic Hydraulic/Pneumatic Clamping and Automatic Hydraulic Cutting.
-- Specially for high speed aluminum and brass tube or bar cutting.
-- Hydraulic driven saw head for cutting motion.
-- Servomotor Feeding Transmission.
-- Interactive PLC touch screen offers easy access to auto and manual operating modes.
-- Material Available:Copper Tube,Cooper Solid Bar,Aluminum Tube,Aluminum Solid Bar,Aluminum Profile.
-- Cutting Shape Available: Round,Square,Rectangle,Solid bar,other profiles...
-- Small Noisy.
-- Good cutting quality for tube internal and external without burs.
-- Water cooling and lubricate system prolongs the life of machine and saw blade.
-- Good mechanical parts ensure machine runs in high stability.
-- CE, ISO9001 Certification.
Model MC-360CNC
Max.Cutting Capacity guan001.png 110mm
guan002.png 95*95mm
guan005.png 70mm
guan006.png 55*55mm
guan007.png 25mm*9pieces
Motor Power 5.5 KW
Hydraulic Pump Motor Power 4 KW
Feeding Servo Motor Power 0.75 KW
Cooling Pump 90 W
Spindle Rotating Speed 3600RPM
Cutting Angle 90°
Hydraulic Pressure 25-30kgf
Cutting Speed Step-less Speed
Cooling Mode Cycling Water Cooling
Feeding Accuracy +/- 0.1mm
Feeding Length 6-600mm/one time
Saw Blade Size 355/405
Machine Dimension 2800*1200*2200
Machine Weight 1580KGS




Factory Direct

Direct Shippment, Direct Price, Direct QC 6000 square meters factory, Over 150 employees work in shift ensure the punctual delivery time.

Good Quality

Received CE, ISO9001, CQC, TUV Certificate. Inspection is carried out all through the production process, warranty card provided.

OEM Service

R&D team is qualified to do customized project, OEM services. Away from Shanghai the biggest sea port of China, only 150KM away.

16Y Export Experience

Export to over 108 countries/region. Our HUASHUN machines are spread all over the world.


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