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Huashun Pipe Bender--Serving the Egyptian National Power Plant

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Huashun Machinery, which stood out in the tender for the Egyptian national power plant, will provide it with a pipe bending machine.

说明: SB-115NC

Huashun tube bender is used for its production of boiler tubes. Win the bid in 2020 and ship the machine to Egypt in the middle of the year.

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After arriving in Egypt, Huashun dispatched its Egyptian engineer team,,Mr.Ahmed, Mr.Ibrahim, and Mr.Hablas, to the customer's factory to install and debug the machine and train the customer's workers.

After a week, the work was successfully completed.

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The customer engineer team and the Huashun engineer team held a simple celebration party. And established a deep friendship.

Here, Huashun wished the successful completion of the Egyptian power plant. I also thank Huashuns Egyptian engineer team for their excellent work.


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