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Friends from the Middle East came to Huashun

This is a friend from the Middle East, Mr. Ali. He came to China specially to do the final acceptance work for the arc punching machine and pipe end forming machine he ordered.

Ms. Emma, our export director, received Mr. Ali and his entourage. They visited the Huashun factory and were amazed by our complete product line.
We ran the machine on site and Mr. Ali was very satisfied with the product effect. And more accessories were confirmed on the spot.
Believe in Huashun and choose Huashun.
Huashun is a leading manufacturer of metal tube processing machine since 2000.You can trust.
For any inquiry,contact us:  export@chinahshun.com_cgi-bin_mmwebwx-bin_webwxgetmsgimg__&MsgID=5713705159000148262&skey=@crypt_6003a51_a4881befd8467f02eaa46ad529164a70&mmweb_appid=wx_webfilehelper.jpg
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