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Huashun NC pipe bending machine

Huashun NC high-performance hydraulic pipe bender,microcomputer chip control,multi-program,multi-angle setting,and simple to operate.Can be used in the exhaust pipe,seats,bumpers,bathroom plumbing pipe processing industry production,high yield,product unification.We offer a variety of different models of NC pipe bending machines,such as SB-38NC,SB-50NC,SB-63NC,SB-75NC,SB-89NC,SB-100NC,SB-115NC,SB-133NC and SB-168NC.

The characteristics of NC series machines are as follows:

1.NC bending machine is controlled by microcomputer

2.With manual control,semi-loop control,the control of the full cycle

3.Automatic overload protection

4.Automatically detect machine malfunctions and operating failures

5.Mobile pedal switch emergency stop function

6.LCD digital display,push button contacts

7.Automatic memory function

8.Automatic power failure protection function

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