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Fully Automatic Pipe Cutting Machine

A pipe cutting machine is a multifunctional and efficient equipment that can accurately cut and process pipes and pipes of different specifications and materials to meet the production needs of different industries. Huashun's pipe cutting machines are divided into semi-automatic, manual, hydraulic, laser pipe cutting, and fully automatic pipe cutting machines. Widely used in the pipeline industry, construction industry, automotive manufacturing industry, aerospace industry, etc.

Now let's introduce the fully automatic pipe cutting machine.Our fully automatic pipe cutting machine has low noise and adopts an interactive PLC touch screen for easy access to automatic and manual operations. The available materials include carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, and aluminum.In order to increase production,keep precision and reduce human costs,the company develop this economical automatic metal circular saw.This circular saw can do feeding,clamping and cutting circularly under the peocess programmed by NC.According to particular workpiece,we can design defferent clamp and cutting many pipes at the same time,so that the production is increased.

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