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By Huashun 2 Comments

Semi-automatic pipe cutting machine

A pipe cutting machine is a multifunctional and efficient equipment that can accurately cut and process pipes and pipes of different specifications and materials to meet the production needs of different industries. Huashun's pipe cutting machines are divided into semi-automatic, manual, hydraulic, laser pipe cutting, and fully automatic pipe cutting machines. Widely used in the pipeline industry, construction industry, automotive manufacturing industry, aerospace industry, etc.

Now let's introduce the semi-automatic pipe cutting machine.Semi Automatic Pipe Cutting Machine is mainly used for iron, steel, stainless steel, and carbon steel cutting,which has low noise and can cut shapes such as circular, square, rectangular, solid bar, and other profiles.The machine has a stable and solid structure which gives it a long lifespan.Good cutting quality for tube internal and external without burs. The work pieces don’t move forward and backward while cutting so it’s very accurate and highly efficient. It has an automatic cooling fluid circulation feature which ensures a smooth work piece section. This is very simple to operate and easy to maintain.

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