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By Huashun 3 Comments

How to choose a suitable fully automatic pipe bending machine

There are many types of pipe bending machines, including fully automatic pipe bending machines, semi-automatic pipe bending machines, hydraulic pipe bending machines, double-head pipe bending machines, etc. Widely used in various industries such as aerospace, automotive and furniture. As a pipe bending machine manufacturer, Huashun will explain to you how to choose a fully automatic pipe bending machine.

First, we need to choose the model of the machine according to the size and size of the pipe. As shown in the picture, cnc series model:


Next, select the axis. Taking SB-38CNC-5A-3ST(LR) as an example, A represents the number of axis controlled by the servo. If the model number is 2A, it means that two axis are controlled by servo, and the rest are realized by hydraulic driven. As shown below:

S indicates how many layers of molds there are, and the number of layers of molds is determined by the number of different bending radius. For example, if a pipe has three different bending radius, a three-layer mold is required. (The bending radius is not equal to the bending angle. The bending angle is set by the program, and the bending radius is realized by the wheel mold diameter.)

T means it has push and bend function, LR means it can bend left and right. Whether left or right bending or one-way bending is required is determined by the customer's product requirements. The customer sends the product drawings to our engineers, and then the engineers analyze the drawings and finally recommend the appropriate model.

The above are the steps for selecting a fully automatic pipe bending machine. We will continue to explain our products to customers in the future. Choose Huashun, believe in Huashun.

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